How does Cinder & Sky work

Cinder & Sky is a direct sales/party plan business. As an Independent Stylist, you may sell our products to the end consumer (your customers) via in-home parties, online using your personal, Cinder & Sky website that is provided when you enroll as a Stylist, at trade-shows/events or by hosting online Facebook parties.

What makes Cinder & Sky unique?

A primary focus of Cinder & Sky is to provide our Stylists with the latest trending products. In an industry that is not known for loyalty, we want our Stylists to be proud to represent a company that provides excellent customer service, unique products and outstanding training and support for our field. We want Cinder & Sky to be the last direct sales company you join.

Does Cinder & Sky support a charitable foundation?

Cinder & Sky has taken a unique approach to how we can help others and make a positive difference. The top position in the Company is called the “Cinder & Sky Charitable Foundation.” All monies earned by this position will be reported and donated to a charity (or charities) of choice. We like this approach because it means every time any one of our Stylists makes a sale, their efforts will contribute to this fund. Each year we will provide an accounting of the monies earned, and collectively the field will help us decide where the money will be donated. We believe at Cinder & Sky it is our responsibility to make the world a better place and donating to a worthy cause is a great way to start!

How do I order inventory?

As a Stylist with Cinder & Sky, you will have the ability to order a limited amount of product through your back office. You are not allowed or required to carry an extensive inventory. We do this because we know you don’t make your commissions until you have sold the products. We don’t want to place an unnecessary financial burden on our Stylists by requiring them to not only have an inventory, but also ship the product when your customer places an order.

How do my customers order from me?

Your customers can order from you directly using your Cinder & Sky personal, Cinder & Sky website, through an in-home party, at a trade show or event, or through a party you have advertised on Social Media. While you are allowed to carry some inventory for quick or last-minute sales when a customer wants a product immediately, the majority of your orders will be placed through your back office and will be shipped to the customer or to the hostess of a party where she will deliver to her guests.

How much does it cost to start the business?

Your initial investment will require the purchase of a business kit that is $129 for the Basic Kit or $299 for the Deluxe Kit. There may also be some additional small incidental costs for the purchase of office supplies or other materials you require, but those can vary depending on your personal preference.

Does the Cinder & Sky business require I use social media to be successful?

You don’t have to use social media, but it is a tremendous tool to grow your business. We offer specialized training in this area and also many other topics, so you can feel confident as your launch and grow your business. We also have a Corporate Facebook Group you are encouraged to join that provides great tips and trick on all the latest ways to run your business, sell products, book parties and even sponsor new team members.

Who is responsible for remitting sales tax?

Collecting and remitting sales tax on all your sales will be reported and paid by Cinder & Sky. This is a service we provide and a legal requirement, it is required you enter all your sales into your back office If a customer pays you cash, you will enter their order and use your personal debit/credit card for the amount of money you received. This way you will be credited for all your sales, commissions will be accurately calculated and paid, and the sales tax reported and paid by Cinder & Sky will be correct. For more questions regarding this, please contact your sponsor or send an email to

Am I responsible for income tax?

Yes. Cinder & Sky does not remit any state or federal income tax on your behalf, and you are solely responsible. There are sales reports available for accounting in your back office and many of your start-up costs, and expenses are tax deductible. Please consult with your local tax professional.

Can I sell on eBay or Poshmark or other online auctions sites?

Reputation and top-quality products at reasonable prices are a trademark of Cinder & Sky. You are not allowed to sell our products on any auction or discount site such as eBay, Craig’s list, Poshmark, Overstock, Amazon or any other e-commerce site.

Do I need to form an LLC or Corporation?

Stylists who attain the rank of Executive Leader or higher may operate their business as a business entity. Please refer to our Policies and Procedures, paragraph 19 for additional information and how to complete this process.

Do I need to have previous business experience to sell Cinder & Sky?

Absolutely not! This is one of the best parts of entering the direct sales world. No experience is needed because not only will you have your immediate upline who is happy to help you, but also an entire team of amazing Stylists who are glad to share their knowledge and experience. When you join Cinder & Sky, you are part of an immediate team. You will never be alone…there is always someone to help!

How much commission do I make?

There are two ways to get paid in your Cinder & Sky business. The first is the money you earn on your personal sales ranging from 25% to 35% based upon your personal monthly sales. The second is when (and if) you grow a team you will receive an override bonus on your team sales. Please ask your potential sponsor for additional information on our compensation plan.

Are there any company trips or incentives?

Yes, each year Cinder & Sky offers an incentive trip. Details are announced each January. These are super fun and a goal you should set and strive to achieve!

How many Stylists does Cinder & Sky have?

Cinder & Sky just launched on August 20, 2018! There is incredible an opportunity for anyone to be successful as long as you work and share our products, and our opportunity if you want to grow a team of other Stylists. Currently, we are only doing business in the U.S., and so there is ample opportunity for growth across the country and future international expansion.

What are the minimum requirements to stay active?

An Independent Stylist will be considered “Inactive” in any month they do not produce minimum sales of $250 in personal sales (excluding shipping and tax). Independent Stylists who do not generate sales totaling at least $300 in a period of six (6) consecutive months will be considered inactive for that six-month period. There are some exclusions to this policy, please see our company Policy and Procedures for exceptions.

What if I want to quit selling Cinder & Sky? What do I do with my inventory?

You may cancel your agreement and return all unused products and sales items to Cinder & Sky products and sales items. There is a re-stocking fee, and the Stylist will be responsible for return shipping. For additional information, you may contact the home office at

Is there a monthly fee for my Cinder & Sky back office?

When you enroll as a Stylist with Cinder & Sky, you will receive a personalized Cinder & Sky website to market your business. You will also have access to your back-office order entry feature, reporting, and all company training. The fee is $9.95 per month but the first six months is included in your starter kit fee. After six months the fee will be billed to the credit card that was used to purchase your initial starter kit.

What items sell the best?

Everything sells! That is part of what makes us unique. We are all different and have varying tastes and personal styles. There is something for everyone, and your customer will be happy with the large selection we offer! At Cinder & Sky we will continuously introduce the latest trends and in-demand products, so you may continue to provide new and exciting styles, color and products. On the website, you can view and sort by color, style, and best sellers too!

Do I need to purchase my business cards through Cinder & Sky or can I order them on my own?

You may purchase them through an independent printing company like You must use our Company logo and colors, and the approved layouts and designs available in your back office. Also, you must clearly state “Independent Cinder & Sky Stylist” as your title.

What’s the best way to market and sell Cinder & Sky products?

You are your best source of advertising and wearing our products is a great way to get the word out! Also, don’t forget business cards, marketing materials from the company and of course all the latest social media platforms. Using these ideas is the best way to market your business. Don’t forget to tune into our company training each month as we will cover all areas to help you succeed from marketing, selling, booking events and even training on how to grow and lead your team.

What additional start-up supplies do I need and where do I purchase them?

There are a few additional supplies you may need if you don’t already have them in your home. Contact your sponsor for additional ideas and suggestions.

Can I discount the product?

As a Stylist, you must always ADVERTISE all Cinder & Sky products at the suggested retail prices set forth by the company. However, if you want to discount the products at a party or event, you may do so by reaching out personally or through another way of communication. Giving a few dollars off to a friend or family is acceptable but remember this is your business and how you make money. Be cautious about how much you discount the product. Our prices are very competitive especially for the quality we provide. When you lower the price, you are taking money away from you and your family. Our products sell all day long at the suggested retail price and are a great value considering our excellent product. Please don’t ever feel you need to discount the product to make a sale. If you would like help in this area, please contact your sponsor or listen to our company training that specifically discusses sales techniques.

Can you sell the product at large vendor events?

Yes, you are welcome to sell our products at boutiques, vendor events, online and at in-home parties. You are not allowed to have a retail store unless you own the store personally, or an online retail-shopping site other than your Cinder & Sky replicated website. If you want to have product on hand for large events such as a trade show or major retail event, you must notify the Company of the show you are attending and the dates of the event. You will be allowed to purchase a large quantity to sell, but no Personal Sales Volume or Commissionable Volume will be assigned to the inventory until the Stylist enters all sales from the event in their back office and verifies to Cinder & Sky the inventory sold, and returns all unsold inventory to the Company. Please contact your sponsor for additional information regarding this policy or email

Is there some training to help me get started?

Yes! Please watch the Steps to Success training found in your back office under the Training tab. Also, please thoroughly read the Success Manual that you received in your starter kit. It will help share ideas to help you get organized, prepared and when your kit arrives, you will be ready to launch your business and get to work.

Can I accept checks or cash from my customers?

Yes. When you enter their order into the Backoffice you will need to use your credit/debit card for the amount you received so the order can be processed. If you don’t want to take a check from a customer you may take Venmo, or PayPal. Again, those funds would be paid to you directly and you would use your card to place the order. Make sure you always enter all sales so tax can be calculated and remit to the correct state, and so you all volume is credited to your monthly sales total.

If I sell something to someone out of my state, do I charge sales tax?

The system is automatically set up to charge sales tax to your customer based on their zip code. When you enter the sale into the system it will be calculated for you and Cinder & Sky will report and remit all sales taxes collected on your behalf. If you make a cash sale and fail to enter that sale into our system, then you will be personally responsible for reporting and remitting those monies to the state. To avoid this trouble and additional work we require you to enter ALL sales into the system.

How do I grow a team?

This business provides an excellent opportunity to share this business with others. Often people will ask you how you got started or more importantly why? Always be prepared with your “why.” Let everyone know this business is available and you are happy to answer any questions they may have. Cinder & Sky provides specialized training in this area, and if you would like to grow a team don’t hesitate to reach out to your sponsor as they are willing to share their ideas and what has been successful for them.

I’ve never been a leader, and it makes me nervous to grow a team?

Everyone has to start somewhere! Don’t be afraid and lean on your mentor for guidance and assistance. This business works because you have others who are above you in the Company and are happy to share their knowledge and experience to help you grow and develop a team. When picking a sponsor make sure you feel confident they can help you achieve your goals. Anyone can know about the company, but it is crucial to align yourself with someone who has experience in this industry and is someone you get along and feel comfortable with. Becoming a leader is a process, and it takes a little time, but with great upline and company support you will quickly step into that role and enjoy the satisfaction of helping others succeed.

I am not familiar with all the social media platforms, is there company training?

Cinder & Sky provides a variety of different training to assist Stylists in their business. The training varies and will incorporate the latest Social Media platforms. The company will not only provide training but numerous marketing images for your use. Social Media is such an essential tool for success, we have developed detailed and very specific training to assist you. Each of our training sessions is recorded so you may watch it multiple times is you would like, and it also allows you to share with your future team members. There are also some great documents located under the “Training” tab in your back office you will find helpful.

Is there a convention or other training to attend?

There is a FANTASTIC national convention each year we highly encourage you to attend. It is not only a fun time, but you will receive excellent training, and it gives you the chance to meet other people on your team and other Stylists in the company. Details of our yearly convention are announced in January of each year. Do you best to save and attend these events. They will tremendously impact you and the success of your business, and your costs could be written off as a business expense at the end of the year for taxes. Please consult with a tax professional for additional information.

Are there company training calls?

There is a company training webinar on the 2nd Monday of each month at 7 p.m. Central time. These will be recorded and available in your back-office and will cover a large variety of topics. There are also many tips shared on our Company Facebook page along with a weekly message from our Director of Training and in our monthly Corporate Newsletter. All of these platforms are the best way for you to learn and grow and hear the latest techniques. Make sure you schedule the time to participate in our webinar each month and check out the Facebook group often, so you don’t miss out!

Who can I call when I have a question or need help with something?

The first thing you should do is contact your immediate sponsor. Next, look on the Company Facebook page. Under the search feature enter the keyword you will quickly find your answer. Also look for the answer in our FAQ documents under TOOLS/ASSETS/TRAINING in your back office. If you can’t locate the answer, ask the question on our Corporate Facebook group. You will find many people who are willing to answer. When you become more knowledgeable, we hope you will respond and share your experiences too. The most important thing is to take responsibility for your business. There is a lot to learn, but all the information is readily available if you look. You are always welcome to contact the home office for assistance too by emailing

What if I am aware of another consultant who is violating the Policies and Procedures?

Contact your immediate upline sponsor and make them aware of the problem. You can also contact and make them aware of the issue. It is not your responsibility to police other consultants or reach out and discuss any issues. The most important thing is always to maintain character and integrity in your business.

Do I need a Facebook page?

You should create a Facebook Business page to advertise your business. You should also create a Facebook VIP group so you can host online parties or events. Focus on getting all your customers to your page because the more members you have, the higher your sales and potential bookings. Make your page fun and engaging and don’t always make it about selling the product or booking parties. Share the latest news in fashion or beauty, share information about you so your members can get to know you. Have give- a-ways, develop friendships and make it fun! Think of all the groups you are in and what do you love or dislike about them. Follow other people who are successful and see what they are doing. Always remember if someone is gracious and allows you to be in their group, don’t copy all they do. Create your own images, use your wording and brand ideas to you! We are all different and so make an effort to set yourself apart from others always following our policies and procedures and social media etiquette.

Where are the products manufactured?

Cinder & Sky products are manufactured in China. We use 100% nail polish in our strips and were the first company to create a matte finish without the need to put another wrap on top of the color/design or paint with a matte finish. Our product size is larger than others allowing you to easily use the wraps on toes which often have a larger nail bed than fingernails. Our nail strips have a little more stretch to and will not peel and crack like other brands. Our unique and patent-pending ingredients, our wraps can withstand more extreme temperatures but do suggest you keep and store your wraps at room temperature. We also offer kids patterns in a 100% nail polish wrap. Our products are R.O.H.S. compliant (Restriction of Hazardous Substances), and S.G.S. tested. S.G.S. is the world’s leading inspection, verification, and testing certification company. Cinder & Sky designs are copyrighted.

What is the best way to be successful?

Participate in all company and team training, calls, and webinars, attend our corporate convention or any other event. The more you know about the company you represent and the product you sell the more successful you will become. You are your best source of advertising, and you need to know your “Why?” and share it with others. Host in-home parties, participate in boutiques or events in your area, make online sales and offer fundraisers to your customers. These are all great ways to share and market your business!

Is there a team group or page I can join for support?

When you join Cinder & Sky, you will be invited to or ask to be a part of our Corporate Facebook group. It is a great place to get to know other consultants, work with other Stylists, share knowledge, ask questions and make new friends. Be engaged and participate on the page and it will make a big difference to your success. As you advance in rank (if you choose to grow your business), there is a Corporate group you will be a part of. Your sponsor may have a team page and so make sure and ask if there is one available to join.

How do I get parties scheduled?

Begin by hosting your own “launch” party and work on getting additional parties scheduled from your event. Don’t be afraid to ask people if they would like to host. If you don’t ask the answer will always be “no!” Remember when you have no parties or boutiques scheduled you are out of business and so focus on filing your calendar. Remember that a hostess can have a party at her home, restaurant, after work or during her lunch break at her work, a park, online or even a catalog party. Make sure and speak with your sponsor for additional ideas about booking parties.

Is there a catalog?

Cinder & Sky is always striving to bring you the latest trends and styles. We have to scheduled catalogs each year: Spring/Summer is released on March 1st, and our Fall/Winter is released on September 1st. We also have numerous Limited Edition and Holiday releases throughout the year. You receive physical copies of the catalog in your starter kit, additional copies are available for purchase in the back office, and we also have a digital version you can share with your guests. Also, when people go to your personally replicated website, they can view all our products there.

What is the return policy?

If you’re not completely happy with your Cinder and Sky purchase, you can return your item(s) for a refund or exchange within 30 days of purchase. We are happy to provide you a cash refund within 14 days and store credit within 30 days. Returns or exchanges are accepted on unused items in resellable condition (excludes sale items, display items, and business supplies; which are Final Sale).

Please keep in mind when returning or exchanging an item:

  • Items must be returned in their original packaging and accompanied by an original proof of purchase. This could include your packing slip, a copy of your order confirmation email or a copy of your return confirmation email.
  • Was your order missing an item or did your order contain the wrong item? If so, we ask that you notify us within 14 days from your order date. Items that have any product defects must be reported within 14 days of receipt to be eligible for a refund, exchange or replacement.
  • Refunds: We are happy to provide you a cash refund within 14 days and store credit refund within 30 days, excluding any shipping costs incurred.
  • Replacements within 30 days may be returned at no additional charge. To replace an item due to a manufacturer’s defect, please contact our customer service.
  • Timing of Refunds: Your refund will be processed to the original form of payment upon receipt of your returned item at our distribution center. Once we process your return, the refund will be available in approximately 8-10 business days depending on your issuing bank and/or billing cycle.
  • Did you pay your Stylist with cash or check? If so, please contact your Stylist as she will need to refund you directly.

To return your items to Cinder and Sky simply:

  1. Place any item(s) to be returned in an envelope along with your packing slip.
  2. Affix the required postage and a return shipping label to the outside of the envelope.
  3. Place the package in your mailbox for pick-up or deliver to the local Post Office.
  4. You may want to purchase insurance and/or tracking as we are not responsible for lost or incorrectly delivered packages.

What happens if I have a defective item?

While they are rare, they do occur on occasion. Any item with a manufacturer’s flaw or defect may be exchanged for a new item of the same style. If it is a Limited Edition or Holiday item, we will do our best to exchange for the same item. However, because the quantities are limited, we cannot guarantee the same pattern or color. In this event, we will substitute for an item with the same retail value.

What are the care instructions for the products?

While we have a patent-pending manufacturing process that allows for more extreme temperature changes, we highly recommend you store your products at room temperature. Wraps should be applied to clean, dry nail beds and will last up to 14 days.

What is Cinder & Sky’s hostess program?

We have a great Host Rewards program that you and your potential hostesses will love! To earn these rewards, the party sales must reach the $100 minimum party sales (excluding tax and shipping). A hostess can earn up to 20% of her party totals, up to three half-price items and our up to (2) of our exclusive Hostess Wraps that you can only get when you host a party.

How do I get started?

We are so excited about your interest in the Cinder & Sky opportunity. Joining our company is the first start to achieving your goals of being a small business earner. Being successful in your business is important to your sponsor, and also to each of us on the Corporate team. Please reach out to the person who gave you this document. They will provide their link to join the company, and help you get started!

If you have any additional questions, please speak with your Cinder & Sky Stylist or contact

Thank you!