Values are what clearly
define our company culture
and how we chose to do

At Cinder and Sky we
strive for, and embrace
innovation in product and

Our goal is to disrupt the
traditional direct sales
industry and replace it 
with something better.

We encourage collaboration and
communication in our
relationships; on the corporate
team and with our Stylists and our

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At Cinder and Sky we will always make choices
and treat others with integrity and encourage our
Stylists to do the same. Recognizing your
achievements is an integral part of the company
celebrating your success.

Being humble is when you
encourage and recognize another’s
in spite of your own. Making a
significant impact on those less
fortunate through service and
charitable contributions is very
important and will be a key focus
of the company.

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These are a few of the core values
which drive our success and make
Cinder and Sky a company you
want to align with. By doing the
right thing and treating people with
respect, we are creating a culture
that embraces service, kindness and
respect for all.

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