At Cinder & Sky we focus on others and what we can do make a positive difference in their lives.  Whether is providing a business opportunity for our Stylists, serving in our communities or making a financial contribution to a charitable organization.  If we want our world to be better then it begins with us…and it’s not just talk…it’s action. When our Founder, Tommy Wang, decided to launch this company he wanted to give back but not just from himself, he wanted it to be from everyone at Cinder & Sky.  That is why he created the Cinder & Sky Charitable Foundation.  This Foundation holds the very top position in the company and all monies earned by this position each year will be donated to a charity or charities of choice.  What makes this different?  Everyone is contributing!   Every time a Stylist makes a sale, when a customer makes a purchase and when a hostess has a party.  Working together we all collectively contribute a little…and in the end it turns out to be a whole lot! We want to be the change that is needed in our world today.  And we want you to join with us and be the change too!