Chronic pain is a huge issue in the health industry. Chronic pain affects each sufferer in a different way. There are millions of people who need pain medication to even just function during their day to day lives. Unfortunately, synthetic painkillers cause side effects that are deemed unsafe for long-term use. Traditional pain medications can cause addiction, liver damage, cardiovascular damage, withdrawal, and more. The good news is that there are alternative pain treatments. Below are eleven natural ways to reduce chronic pain. It is important to know that while these natural pain relievers can offer a break from pain medication, each method may not work for each person. Give each one a try to see which fits in with your lifestyle best. These options are easy and safe to try. Grace & Magnolia has products that will be sure to make the experience even better! There’s Jade Rollers, Rose Quartz Rollers, Fragrance Free Massage Oil, Squalane + Vitamin E Body Capsules, Scented Body Lotions and much more. 

1.    CBD Oil Treatment

One substitute for medication is CBD Oil. CBD stands for Cannabidiol. Cannabidiol is a molecule found in the cannabis plant. CBD does not get people high since it lacks THC. So, people can enjoy all the natural pain relief benefits without their state of mind altered in anyway. The best thing about using CBD is that it doesn’t cause dependency. This is extremely promising for those suffering from chronic pain. CBD goes after neurons in the nervous system. The neurons are responsible for sending pain signals. CBD calms inflammation which in turn reduces chronic pain. CBD is safe as a long-term solution and it offers immediate relief without putting the body in danger. Those with chronic pain can use this oil daily. 

2.    Indulge in Sweets

There are some scientific studies that show eating sweets dulls the sensation of pain! Indulging in sweets like cookies, ice cream, and chocolate can naturally reduce pain levels. Those with chronic pain can also bake their own sweets for added relief. Studies show that pleasant and sweet smells reduce the perception of pain.

3.    Give Acupuncture a Try

When most people hear the word acupuncture, they usually don’t completely understand what it is. Acupuncture is a Chinese healing technique from ancient times. It involves using needles to prick the skin or tissues. The areas are very specific. The needle stimulates nerves which in turn alleviates certain types of pain. It has been said to treat various physical, emotion, and mental conditions. Certified acupuncturists can be found through the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.

4.    Get a Massage

Those with chronic pain may have a fear of getting touched, though therapeutic massages can help heal the body. Therapeutic massages get blood flowing and relax muscles. Therapeutic massages are another way to release endorphins. As mentioned above, endorphins can be powerful. Endorphins are pain relieving hormones released to cover pain in the body. So, massages have a lot of positives. A person’s muscles will relax, their blood will circulate better, and they will have more endorphins. Grace & Magnolia Fragrance Free Massage Oil is one way to amplify the experience and minimize chronic pain. To relieve even more tension, try Grace & Magnolia Rose Quartz and Jade Facial Rollers.

5.    Release Endorphins through Exercise

Did you know that to relieve pain, the body produces endorphins? Taking medications can produce a similar relief. Both exercising and taking medication blocks pain signals before they’re able to reach a person’s brain. If heart rate is increased for a period, it will stimulate the release of endorphins. As a bonus, exercising can also alleviate depression, stress, and anxiety.

6.    Grounding

Many people have found that meditation eases pain. Meditation has many methods which lead to mindfulness. Some people choose to listen to noises that soothe them, such as with ASMR. They will sit or lie down with their eyes closed and will sometimes repeat the sound in their mind. This can be done gradually and takes the mind away from the pain. Most people choose to start meditation for a few minutes at a time and gradually lengthen it to a half hour. Another method is using guidance. There are so many sources out there today. Some prefer attending classes, while others find online videos or DVDs. Whichever best takes a person’s mind away from their chronic pain is what they should focus on.

7.    Go in the Sun

Going outside and getting vitamin D can assist in pain relief. Vitamin D relieves pain by absorbing calcium. Calcium is important for bone growth and repair. Even if a person is just outside in the sun for ten minutes, their body will produce more vitamin D. This method is definitely worth giving a try.

8.    Yoga

Bodies are not meant for sitting still. Bodies are meant to move. A person with chronic pain may not move much. However, this can make pain worse! Gently stretching is one way to combat the pain. Stretching can help a person maintain range of motion and mobility. If someone is unsure of what stretches and exercises are beneficial for their situation, they can talk to their doctor, physical therapist, or chiropractor.

9.    Warm Up or Cool Down Painful Joints

Using heat and ice is a great way to reduce inflammation. It’s important for those with chronic pain to figure out which temperature is best for their condition. Adding heat to joints increases blood flow to the area which suppresses pain signals to the brain. There are many ways to add heat. For instance, with a gel filled pad heated in the microwave, electric heating pad, hot water bottle, heat wrap, or a hot bath! Ice helps reduce inflammation and slows nerve impulses. These slowed nerve impulses can interrupt pain signals.

10. Get Enough Sleep

Chronic pain can sometimes cause sleeplessness. This is something that is completely treatable. There are therapies for treating insomnia. Practicing good sleep habits is vital. When a person gets enough sleep, their body can heal. Good sleep habits mean making bedrooms dark and quiet. People need to follow a schedule. Using Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil is an excellent way to calm down before bed time. At a certain time, electronics need banned. There also needs to be a wake up schedule so that the body finds a rhythm.

11. Find Community 

Sometimes the best pain reliever is to talk to those who also have pain. People who interact with others suffering from similar conditions tend to find everything feels more manageable. Someone can find these groups on Facebook and other websites. There are also many local groups for meeting in person. Having a community and cultivating relationships can make it much easier to deal with pain.

Chronic pain is found in so many people around the world. Many people turn to harsh pain medications to lessen the pain. This can lead to addiction, withdrawal, and so many other ailments. It shouldn’t be that way. The eleven natural ways to reduce chronic pain listed above can truly alter a person’s life for the better. Not every method will work for a person. Those suffering with chronic pain need to try out all the options to find what works for them. They can also mix and match methods. Chronic pain sufferers don’t need to always turn to pain pills. A combination of exercise, diet, heat/ice, community, stretching, vitamin D, sleep, meditation, acupuncture, and massage can go a long way! Plus, there are products at Grace & Magnolia that will help ease discomfort!

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