Looking for a side gig?

A way that you can earn an additional income for you and your family…but doing so on your terms?

I’m going to take a big leap here, and assume that you’ve checked out direct sales?  Maybe you’ve even joined a couple companies?  Am I right?

Sadly, based on my extensive research, I was shocked to learn that very few direct sales leaders and consultants earn any kind of significant or consistent income.

They worked hard, they followed the coaching and instructions from their upline and company leaders; but when push came to shove, they would have made more and worked less working a part-time job.

That’s NOT OK with me.  The direct selling business model is “supposed to” help people improve their lives and build their wealth — not leave them with a closet full of inventory and maxed out credit cards.

That’s why I decided to create a company unlike any other you’ll find in the industry. You might say, I’ve identified a great opportunity to disrupt the business model – and I hope you choose to be part of it!

Cinder & Sky operates with
five core principles:


Let’s face it – true entrepreneurs
are a rare breed. We try things,
test things, some work, some
won’t. We embrace, what some
would call “failures” and we
learn from those mistakes.

Most of all, we are creative
people who have innovative
ideas. Being an entrepreneur
is what makes business fun!

At Cinder & Sky, we embrace
ideas and welcome your ideas
and feedback.



Giving back is what life is all about, isn’t
it? From Day One, we’ve made such
a strong commitment to “paying it
forward”that we’ve set-up the
Cinder & Sky Foundation. Each
month, we are choosing a
different charitable non-profit
organization to donate those
funds to, so our company is
a good citizen of the world.


We are 100% committed to giving you
the training, the tools, and the support
you need to be a successful business

That includes teaching you how to
launch and run your business, marketing
and lead generation (especially on social
media), and especially how to be a
strong, outrageously successful leader.


Profits and
Wealth Building

In the “big picture” of business – all
businesses are in business to make
a profit. If not, they won’t survive
for long.

Our goal is to build a profitable
business by giving YOU an
opportunity to build your own
profitable business by being
affiliated with Cinder & Sky.

But we plan to go way beyond
just “make some money.” We
want to teach you how to put
that money to work. Make
money, and multiply money!


Cinder and Sky is a new type of direct
sales company that focuses on
utilizing the latest technology
and tools for its stylists so they
can build their teams and generate
sales.We’ve launched the company
with the latest and best technology
of nail wraps, which are hugely
popular in the market.

With my experience in manufacturing
in China and relationship with
big box retailers,we are at the
forefront of trends in home
accessories, beauty, and fashion.
We will continue to add products
in other categories.

We plan to create special collections,
strictly available through Cinder & Sky
consultants,that your friends, family,
customers, and hostesses will love.