I hate to break it to you, but every single one of us is aging! This can be scary. It affects our inside and outside. Our brain and skin are what undergo the main changes. Skin gets dry and wrinkles, while the brain begins to have trouble with function and memory. This can be a very unpleasant thought. How you treat your body matters. It doesn’t have to be so big of a worry anymore though. There is a revolutionary way to prevent and stop the effects of the aging process, and it is called Squalane Oil. If you haven’t heard about it already, Squalane Oil is up and coming in the beauty and health industry. It is revolutionary for skin, nails, and hair products. Cinder & Sky now exclusively sells Grace & Magnolia Squalane Oil.

You might be wondering what it is exactly and how it works. Squalane Oil has emollient properties and is found in the liver of sharks. It is also extracted from olives, which is the most popular form today. A little background on the name- Squalus is the latin word for shark. Squalene is taken from inside a shark’s liver (or plants in most cases today). Grace & Magnolia Squalane Oil is extracted from Olives. When you’re born, your body produces its own Squalane to keep skin healthy. However, as you age, that production goes way down. This unfortunately can lead to dry skin, poor complexion, and premature aging. You can start using Grace & Magnolia Squalane Oil at any age.

In order to get Squalane, you first have to start with Squalene. We are about to get a little technical. In order to make Squalene stable and saturated with oil, hydrogen is added. So, although Squalene and Squalane sound similar, their composition is a lot different. Squalene is an alkene. This means that it is an unsaturated hydrocarbon with at least one double bond. Squalane is an alkane. Alkanes are saturated hydrocarbons since there is hydrogen in every location possible. This added Hydrogen means that since the molecular structure is extremely close to the skin’s own, Squalane Oil is able to deeply penetrate the pores at a cellular level.

Here is a deeper look into Squalane’s Effect on Skin:

  • Squalane Oil is able to soften skin, smooth it, and reduce inflammation. Since this oil is naturally found in your skin, Squalane Oil won’t cause irritation. Even the most sensitive skin can cash in on the desired benefits of using this oil. Squalane Oil can be extremely beneficial for those with skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. It is definitely worth trying a natural oil over steroids and topical creams.
  • Squalane Oil protects against free radicals. Free radicals cause damage and wrinkles from oxidative stress. You can be exposed to free radicals from many sources such as pollutants, drugs, radiation, UV rays, solvents, and cigarette smoke. This oil can help slow down aging with regular use. Once again, in the long run it matters how you treat your body. You might be pretending that it doesn’t, but it certainly does. Start using Grace & Magnolia’s Squalane Oil now to make a difference later.
  • As mentioned above, Squalane’s molecular structure is extremely close to the skin’s own. Our bodies actually produce it, but production slows down once you reach your twenties. So many skin care companies use harmful chemicals that cause more harm than good. Squalane is able to deeply penetrate the pores at a cellular level. This means that it replenishes skin with optimum moisture. Squalane Oil isn’t oxidized or comedogenic so it is great for those with acne or naturally oily skin.

So there you have it, Squalane is an amazing way to slow down the aging process and it is offered by Grace & Magnolia exclusively through Cinder & Sky. It is hard to find a natural product like Squalane Oil. Don’t just jump on the bandwagon of typical skincare products. Cinder & Sky is bringing you something different. Squalane Oil is a wonderful way to keep your skin, hair, and nails healthy. It sounds even better when you know the science behind it. Squalane Oil is a great natural option for getting moisture to where you need it most. So many companies use harsh toxins and chemicals that you really don’t want anywhere near your skin or a little one’s skin. Squalane Oil is also dermatologist tested, vegan, hypoallergenic, cruelty free, and non-comedogenic. Start preventing skin harm from aging with Squalane today! Your future self will thank you. Click here to see Grace & Magnolia’s Squalane Oil and Squalane Oil Vitamin E Capsules! Leave any questions you might have below!

Disclaimer: The contents of this article are for informational purposes only and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, prevent any disease, or replace the advice of professionals