The beauty industry is evolving, especially when it comes to your nails! If you love the ease of nail polish strips and want to elongate your wear time, gel strips are a perfect match for you. Cinder & Sky offers a gorgeous collection of nineteen gel styles! Cinder & Sky is the only direct sales company to offer gel. This line is fittingly named The Sky is the Limit Collection. Every look is so modern and trendy. No matter where you are or what you are doing, we can all agree that nails can make a lasting impression. So, it is about time everyone steps up their nail game with Cinder & Sky Gel Wraps! The Sky is the Limit Gel Collection is a great way to have beautiful lasting nails. Today I’m going to give you an in depth look at the benefits of using gel wraps and how to apply them properly. First, here are the four major points on why you should give The Sky is the Limit Gel Collection a go!

1.Mess free

You can wear intricate designs on your nails and not have to worry about messing up the artwork. There is no drying time on top for nail wraps. So, you don’t need to stress about a spill hazard. The only thing ‘wet’ is the adhesive on the inside that sticks to your nail. Once your nail wraps are on, they are there to stay. You can enjoy your manicure and continue on with whatever activity as you please!

2.Thicker than regular nail polish

The Sky is the Limit Gel Collection is made with a unique PET film. That PET film acts as a protective layer. This means the wraps stay on a lot longer. Plus, it looks just as good! That is a great combination.

3.Get a trendy manicure in minutes

These Gel Wraps are super trendy. Nail bling is the new jewelry! Get ready for all sorts of embellishments and accents to be available at your fingertips, literally! You can find this trend throughout The Sky is the Limit Gel Collection. Vivid gemstone colors are sure to give your nails a deep and rich feel. Jewel tones have a classic, but modern look. You’ll glow with grace and elegance. Click here to view them all.

4.Application and removal are fast

All you have to do is clean your hands, choose the right size for your nail, stick it to your nail bed, and make sure it is on snug by pushing it down with your finger (or a cuticle pusher). File away the excess in a downward motion only, and you’re all set! When you’re ready to remove Cinder & Sky Gel Wraps, you can peel the nail wraps right off with your fingers. If you feel that the nail wraps are on a little too snug, you can just soak your nails in regular acetone. It will take less than ten minutes of soaking for the nail wraps to remove.

So, as you can see, The Sky is the Limit Collection has a lot of great benefits. The gel wraps are mess free, thicker than regular nail polish, extremely trendy, application is easy, and removal is fast. Now we are going to go over the application from start to finish more in depth. These gel wraps are really easy to put on. You’ll find that there aren’t any crazy steps to throw you off with The Sky is the Limit Collection! Cinder & Sky is here to make your life simpler. I’ve separated the application process into six quick explanations:

1.Before application

Be sure to store the gel wraps at room temperature. The nail wrap quality will be compromised if exposed to extreme cold or heat. You’ve probably heard that nail polish strips will dry out and be unusable within a week of exposure. Well, with Cinder & Sky Gel Wraps, you can open them at anytime!

2.Prepping the nails

Make sure to properly clean nails ahead of time with alcohol wipes to get any oil or lotion off. If there’s residue or any sort of spec on the nail, it will change how the strips stick. You need to push the cuticle back before beginning. The further back, the better. One of the most important things to note is that the wrap shouldn’t be placed so that it overlaps with your cuticle or skin.  Even the slightest overlap of wrap on skin will negatively affect the wear time.

3.Choosing the proper size

When you are ready to start applying the gel wrap, make sure to choose the right size strip for your nail. If the strip is too big, it will overlap with skin and fall off sooner than it should. If the strip is too small, it may rip from being too stretched out or even shrink back once on the nail.


Start by placing the strip at the cuticle. Push the strip down and apply pressure. Push down the middle of the strip before pushing down the sides. This ensures that the wrap has properly adhered.Make sure that the contact surface of the glue completely touches the nail bed.  The wraps have no dry time on top, however, you need to give a couple minutes for the adhesive to properly attach to the nail underneath.


Next you will want to fold the excess strip over the edge of your nail. If you don’t fold the strip over the edge of your nail, it may lift up at the tip and you don’t want that. File away the excess strip in a downward motion only. Make sure the file is vertical while doing this. Never file the wraps horizontally or in an upwards motion.


Cinder & Sky Gel Wraps have a PET film, so you really don’t need to add a top coat. Just make sure not to put any lotion or oils on right after applying the wraps. Putting on lotion and oils will affect the adhesive. Avoid contact with water for 1 hour after application.

There you have it. The Sky is the Limit Collection by Cinder & Sky is a game changer in the nail industry. It’s no wonder this line is flying off of the shelves. Get the perfect gel look and make a lasting impression on those around you! You can check out the 19 designs for yourself by clicking here.