It is no surprise that Gems are one of the biggest trending accents for nails out there right now. You can’t ignore them if you tried. Cinder & Sky Nail Gems are so easy to apply and mess free. The nail gems will bring any manicure to a whole new level! Cinder & Sky Nail Gems add the perfect amount of glam. There are seven unique nail gem collections to choose from. There is Angles à la mode, Celestial Chic, Enchanted Glam, Lasso Your Heart, State Of The Unicorn, Sugar-Coated, and The Ornate. Each sheet is only $6 and has well over thirty gems to choose from which means they are going to last you quite a while! You can even mix and match nail gems from the other collections. One combination that I love is Sugar-Coated and State Of The Unicorn! Cinder & Sky also offers a variety of gift packs featuring the nail gem collections for up to 30% off the regular price. It will be hard to resist these eye catching designs. I recommend getting yours now before they’re all snatched up! 

Once your nail gems arrive, you’re going to want to choose the nail gem right for your nail style. If your nail design is already a pattern, I recommend sticking with a more simple looking gem that won’t make everything appear too busy. However, if you are wearing a solid nail color, you can go bigger and bolder with your look! Once you’ve chosen your nail gems, it is time to put them on! I’ve compiled a 5 step list of how to prep and apply your nail gems:

Steps for Successful Nail Gems:

  1. Keep Nail Gems at room temperature- When the temperature is too extreme it can have an effect on how well the Nail Gems perform. Keep them at room temperature to ensure quality results.
  2. Make sure your nails are clean and dry– Making sure there is a smooth surface to stick the Nail Gem is key. Also, avoid using lotion or oils before and after the application process. You wouldn’t want to stick the Nail Gem on a wet or oily surface! This would definitely have an effect on the adhesiveness.
  3. Lift Nail Gems from the sheet with tweezers– Using tweezers is a great way to ensure that the Nail Gem doesn’t get damaged when lifted off of the plastic sheet.
  4. Place Nail Gems on nail with tweezers- Using tweezers to push the Nail Gem down onto the nail is a great way to avoid having fingers on the adhesive. The adhesive won’t stick to your nail as well if it has been touched by hands. Not only that, tweezers also give you more control to place exactly where you want them. We highly recommend using tweezers to make sure you don’t accidentally rip the gem trying to get it off with your fingers.
  5. Use clear coat over top when finished for longer results (optional)- It is great to have an extra layer over your Nail Gems. The clear coat helps to prevent it from chipping or falling off. The top coat basically preserves your work of art!

A Spotlight on each collection:

Angles à la modeWhen it comes to fashion, do you love being one step ahead of your friends? These gold and silver designs are so modern. You’ll be sure to make a statement!

Celestial ChicLooking for some stellar accessories to go with your favorite nail wraps? You’ll love how these designs are unique, yet completely trendy!

Enchanted GlamDo you believe in magic? These enchanting stickers will have you feeling powerful. The gold and silver mixed with red and purple are just captivating.

Lasso Your HeartThese nail stickers will surely grab your heart. You won’t be able to resist the fun shapes and sparkle. The holographic details add an extra exciting twist.

State of the UnicornState of the Unicorn gems will add some sugar and spice to your life! These stickers are so fun. You definitely won’t have a boring week with these!

Sugar-CoatedGet your sweet tooth ready. You won’t be able to resist these pretty pastel treats. These adorable nail stickers will complete any look!


The OrnateThese intricate patterns are completely fabulous. The gold,white, and silver is so classic. You’ll be sure to make a lasting impression with any of these ornate stickers.

So, that was my easy five step process on how to successfully use nail gems with an inside look at the designs! They’re really easy. Cinder & Sky Nail Gems are great for all ages and all occasions! You’ll really stand out. I hope that this answered any questions you may have had about them. If there’s anything else you are curious about, we would love to hear from you! Check out Cinder & Sky by clicking here to see all of the other amazing nail gems, products, and gift packs. You are going to love them.