Is there a little girl in your life that is totally obsessed with all things glitter? I figured that one is pretty much a given. It could be your daughter, niece, or a kid you babysit that you have in mind. Well, she’s going to love what I’m about to share with you. Cinder & Sky has come out with a line of Junior Glitter Nail Wraps! It seriously doesn’t get cuter than these nail wraps. Sparkles are the perfect way to add a sprinkle of fun to any look. Your little one will be even more obsessed with glitter. There’s solid glitter and ombre glitter in a variety of enchanting colors. Plus, Cinder & Sky offers Junior Gift Packs that are up to 30% off of what you would pay separately for each gorgeous style!

You’re going to want to get them all for her and here’s why:

Nail wraps are easy to put on– These junior glitter wraps are not just pretty in the packaging, they are actually super easy to use! You really don’t have to worry about messing up a complicated process. Cinder & Sky Nail Wraps are not like that. All you have to do is clean your little one’s hands, choose the right size for her nail, stick it to her nail bed, and make sure it is on snug by pushing it down with your finger (or a cuticle pusher). File away the excess in a downward motion only, and your little one will be all set! Plus, each junior glitter pack comes with 16 wraps in varying sizes for even more dress up opportunities! This means she can also get a pedicure out of the same set or share with her best friend!

No mess– The one annoying thing about glitter that seems to annoy everyone is that it really likes to spread everywhere! So many parents cringe when they see their kids getting into glitter. I would have to agree with them. It’s a mess that doesn’t go away easily. Even months after using glitter it still tends to randomly show up. There’s no worry of making a mess with these adorable wraps though! Unlike regular nail polish, the wraps have no drying time! So, you won’t even have to stress in the process. The wraps are dry on top and have an adhesive underneath. Putting on Cinder & Sky nail wraps can be a fun activity that you both enjoy doing together, especially since there are mommy and me sets. As soon as you’re done, she can run off and play without any interference to her imagination. Rest assured, the sparkles are not going anywhere once they’re on!

She’ll feel like a princess– What little girl wouldn’t love wearing these dazzling nail wraps? If there’s one thing for sure in this world, girls love glitter! The glitter wraps are perfect for any outfit or occasion and are oh so cute. These glitter wraps will make the real world feel like a fairytale. All of her friends will want them too and I can’t say I blame them! Cinder & Sky Junior Glitter Wraps are a great gift idea. Whether the wraps are for her birthday, special event, or just a surprise, you know she is going to squeal with excitement when she sees these!

She can perform in them– Is your little one into performing? Maybe she is a dancer, plays a sport, or is a musician. These wraps will stay on through it all! She can confidently do her routines and keep her head in the game. Your little one will definitely not have to worry about her nails getting messed up or her nail wraps falling off mid performance. Oh, did I mention Cinder & Sky also has some sparkling Junior Sports Nail Wraps? You can check those out by clicking here. Cinder & Sky nail wraps are waterproof and ready for whatever comes their way! Cinder & Sky nail wraps are also great for teams! These sparkles can add a new level of unity to any costume or uniform. Plus they look amazing. Since the glitter wraps are so easy to put on, her and her teammates can get together on the bus, in a locker room, or backstage to get each other’s nails ready. Don’t you wish Cinder & Sky Junior Nail Wraps were around when you were a little kid?

Cinder & Sky Junior Glitter Wraps are the perfect addition to your little one’s style and self esteem. They’re what every little fashionista needs in her life. She’ll shimmer, shine, and dazzle in these nail wraps! These wraps will look so fabulous throughout the spring and summer seasons. If your little one is shy, these wraps will help her standout! If your little one is bold, these wraps will match her brightness! Cinder & Sky Junior Glitter Wraps are perfect for any child and any occasion. Her confidence will be raised. They can stay on as long as two weeks which is so much longer than regular nail polish! To remove her nail wraps, you can just use nail polish remover or peel the wraps off. It is that simple. Then your little one will be all ready for her next set of Cinder & Sky Junior Nail Wraps! Don’t delay, order yours today before this spectacular nail art sells out. Click here to shop now and comment your favorite Cinder & Sky Junior Wrap Style below!