Grace & Magnolia is here! This is a revolutionary relaxation collection we have just released! It is offered exclusively through Cinder & Sky.  Products are made with organic ingredients sourced from Italy and made in the United States, right in California. Products can be purchased on the Cinder & Sky website through a stylist. By definition, grace is simply elegance. It is an effortless beauty. A magnolia is a magnificent tree with gorgeous sweet smelling blossoms. Stemming back to ancient China, magnolias have symbolized nobility and dignity.

When you put Grace & Magnolia together, there is a classic poise that stands through time. Grace & Magnolia is an unshakable combination. It creates a beautiful way of thinking and being. Grace & Magnolia is refined sophistication. This collection stands out from the rest. It features up and coming spa trends that will have you obsessed! The Grace & Magnolia price range currently goes from $24 to $50. Grace & Magnolia has truly amazing formulas.

Get the perfect glow inside and out with Grace & Magnolia. You deserve to treat yourself! These products will help you feel good and look good! There’s no reason to overspend at a spa when you could be having an even better experience at home (while spending a lot less money). Check out Grace & Magnolia today!