You are a busy stay at home mom, a woman with a career or you just like to do your nails at home. Here are the tools you need to do it right, along with techniques that will make it seem like you just got your nails done at the salon. If you haven’t read our how to do the perfect at home mani, you can here. Here are all the tools you need to prepare for your at home manicure.

Cuticle Pusher

Clean and trimmed cuticles make a huge difference when it comes to your manicure, it’s important that you always have a cuticle pusher at home. Be careful though you can push too hard and hurt yourself.  We don’t recommend cutting your cuticles because you can cut too much and hurt yourself or you can over cut and this will lead to cuticles looking jagged.

Nail Clippers

Nail clippers are the most common tool that you probably have in your home and if you don’t go get some! Nail clippers will help you get the length you want for your nails because filing them down will weaken your nails.  Find nail clippers with a built in holder for your clippings so it’s easy to clean up!

Nail File & Buffer

A good nail file and buffer is the difference between a salon manicure and at home manicure, so invest in both. We have great ones that you can get here.  You can find out how to file your nails, here. Use a buffer with a grit higher than 200 as the coarser grit buffer can cause nail weakness.


There’s nothing worse than wanting to show off your manicure and then realizing your hands are as dry and cracked.  A moisturizer will also keep your nails and cuticles hydrated and when you do your nails again it won’t be so much work with your cuticles. Don’t forget if you are applying nail wraps after you have done your mani wipe your nails with alcohol to remove the moisturizer from your nail beds so that the nail wraps stay for longer.

Cinder & Sky Nail Wraps

Pick the style and design you want.  What I love about nail art is that you can have fun with your nails.  Even if you have to go to the office and want to show off the fashion side of you you can with your nails.  Or if you are having a bad day you can add a pop of color onto your nails and brighten it up. They are the perfect way to show off the fun side of you.

Now you’re ready to treat yourself and you have all the tools to do it!  Snap a pic of you using some of your favorite Cinder & Sky products, and tag us using #cinderandsky for a chance to be featured.

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